Hardy Hardy

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016
09.00 PM - 09.30 PM

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Founded in 2015, diffusion line Hardy Hardyis based on the American street couture brand, Ed Hardy. The brand is created for the young at heart with a rebellious persona. Imbuing each collection with a sense of cool and youthfulness while stays true to Don Ed Hardy’s signature tattoo motifs and the American Rock ’n’ Roll spirit, Hardy Hardy is recognised for its distinctive skull logo originating from the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. The iconic symbol represents the brand’s endless pursuit of innovation and its dark alluring aesthetics.Blending the art of tattoo with Rock ’n’ Roll elements like the guns and roses motif, Hardy Hardy reworks goth aesthetics to create youthful, ready-to-wear pieces that project a tough metal edge with a softer, romantic vibe. The striking prints add a bold finishing touch, while the sharptailoring coupled with the bolddetailing reflect the label’s luxurious take on high street fashion.