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Fast Flower Delivery in an Hour by Little Flower Hut

f-Press Release - Fast Flower Delivery in an Hour by Little Flower Hut

Little Flower Hut launches its On Demand express Flower Delivery service in one hour covering any location in Singapore.

Flowers have become a vital part of any celebration like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, a new job, promotion, festivals, etc. They come handy even for apologizing or expressing your condolences. Flowers bring cheer and happiness, which is why Little Flower Hut provides a diverse range of flower services to its customers. Every service of the company receives accolades from its huge customer base for the thoughtful and spectacular flower arrangement concepts they use. The On Demand Flower Delivery service in 60 minutes is a latest offering from Little Flower Hut to meet the urgent needs of customers.

Little Flower Hut understands that flowers are a significant part of everyone’s life. The love for blooms is a global marvel, which the company has capitalized on effectively. With flowers being used for all type of occasions the company is focusing on providing unique and innovative services. The popular wish of its customers demanding convenience and doorstep delivery on demand has resulted in this new On Demand delivery service at a very short notice of just 60 minutes time span.

The company offers diverse range of delivery services to cater to the different needs of its customers. The same day flower delivery for instance, provides delivery within a 24-hour time frame from the time of order. The On Demand delivery launched by the company is another express service included in the huge service portfolio of the company. The service ensures customers receive the delivery within 60 minutes of ordering them. This is applicable to customers looking for local flower delivery in Singapore.

Another exciting factor that customers love about Little Flower Hut is its free flower delivery. Any flower delivery in Singapore ordered by customers is provided without any additional charges for delivery.

Fresh flower home delivery service by the company ensures customers receive fresh and beautifully arranged flowers. The designs are created to fit any type of occasion. The arrangement is based on the specific instructions from the customer should the customer chose the bespoke online flower delivery option. Or, the customer can choose from the extensive selection available at the company’s online flower delivery website. All flowers used for the arrangements are freshly sourced and handpicked to ensure they add cheer, vibrancy and happiness. They are freshly cut and are in the right blooming phase when delivered. The company takes painstaking measures to ensure the flowers match the order to the last detail.

For customers in search of a cheap flower delivery service without compromising the quality, Little Flower Hut offers best deals in its varied flower packages. Customers can choose from the exciting discount flower delivery services offered by the company. The discounts and deals offered by the company are of immense value to customers, especially those that need daily delivery. The corporate discounts offered here are very popular. The promotion codes and discount coupons offered by the company provide an excellent opportunity to get the spectacular flower arrangements here at highly discounted prices.

Customers who are looking for the best flower delivery service in Singapore need not look far. This is because Little Flower Hut offers a one stop solution to all flower needs of customers. The customized flower arrangements accompanied by appropriate worded cards as per the occasion are very popular among customers. The Wedding, congratulations, miss you, sorry, thank you and other specially worded cards give a special touch to the flower arrangements created by the company.

Besides creating custom cards customers frequenting the flower shop sites of the company also get to choose from categories such as color, type, arrangement and combo packs. A customer can choose the color and type of flower needed from the extensive selection displayed at the site. The search option in the site can be used to find the required arrangement. The type of packing for the flowers can also be selected. The selection of packing options include bouquet, flower vase, flower basket and various other exciting and elegantly designed arrangements. The flower combo packs include pairing of flowers with greeting cards, toys, cakes, fruits, dry fruits, gifts and more.

The online flower delivery service by the company ensures customers can place an order online before hand or even at the last moment. The deliveries are done on time and on all days of the week. The company undertakes Sunday flower delivery orders too. The orders can be placed through the website online or via phone too.

The company website is expertly designed and customers find it easy to search for the type of arrangement and other options they want to add to their order. The menu is simple and navigation is a breeze. The drop-down feature and flower images are expertly created. Customers are assured of receiving exact replica of orders as seen on the website menu. With customization features available, a customer can personalize an order with the various modification features here. The flower delivery today is a well sought-after service of the company. Customers can just visit the site, log in and place the order they prefer after browsing the diverse selection offered here.

About Little Flower Hut

As a best flower delivery service in Singapore, Little Flower Hut excels in providing outstanding service to its customers. With an expert florist team at the helm, the company strives to offer a comprehensive delivery service for all flower needs of customers in Singapore and abroad. The various flower delivery options devised by the company are aimed at meeting all types of customer requirements. Regardless of the type of occasion you need flowers for, the company is ready to offer same day, daily, express and on demand services. To avail the special discounts from the company, visit the website here.

Contact Information

For more information about the services offered by the company, including its same-day delivery and express delivery services contact the company through the website, phone, or email detailed below:

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