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Creating your luxury space with ReCasa and BertO


Inspiration comes from immersing yourself in the right atmosphere, and being here at the ReCasa showroom did just that.

The meaning of space is different for everyone; while some believe personal space comes from the inner mind, others would beg to differ that the physical space around you maintains that inner peace.

Perhaps it’s a libra star sign; personally, the balance of the physical and mental spaces is equally important. The surrounding heavily affects my emotion, mood, reactions, etc.

High ceilings, open concept and glass walls allow natural light to fill the space. Pairing that with the beautiful modern minimalistic design of the interior, luxurious furniture and unique ReCasa scent. Indulging in the ambience, you start to feel détente.

Imagine that tranquillity placed within your everyday living area. Working from home or going home would be a blissful experience.

So how did this marriage between ReCasa and BertO happen?

Charina Widjaja, co-founder, ReCasa, shared that Teddy Sun, co-founder, ReCasa, has been in the interior industry for numerous years. He was acquainted with Filippo Berto, founder, BertO, through an agent during his trip to Salone del Mobile in Milan.

With the stars aligned, the team met up. Soon after, given their shared vision and philosophy forged the marriage between the various parties.

With the “hero products” and “hero brand, which is BertO”, Charina adds, “we are collaborating with several artists and brands as well to collaborate and compliment BertO products in Singapore.” “Like lighting, home decor, art pieces and so on. And not necessarily comes from Italy. It could come from Germany or other countries for as long as we feel that is suitable and serving the right target market, which is the mid-high luxury market.”

For the lack of a better comparison, we can and cannot describe ReCasa as Amazon for luxury furniture. Enlightened, Charina shares, “I wouldn’t say Amazon because we are not mass per se. It’s very niche, targeted for the mid-to-high net worth. If you know luxury brands, our quality is on par with the top luxury furniture brands, but we want to give a better positioning in terms of the dollars, levelling the quality and cost. This is a good price point for that target audience.”

BertO’s key products are their sofa, as they started as sofa manufacturers. Their average price range goes from 10 to 15 grand and up, depending on the number of seats, materials, etc. Afterwards, they expanded their catalogue to include bed frames, beds, and shelvings.

Charina shared that the waiting time to get BertO’s products in your home or workspace is about two months. She added, “In fact, for the luxury market, two months is quite fast.” (Jokingly, we commented a Birkin would take six months to a year.)

In addition to furniture, ReCasa provides design solutions to let customers know what to expect when it’s all put together. Charina adds, “We want to give them peace of mind that our pieces are there to stay. It’s not something you buy, and oh, you regret it. We want to make sure whatever you buy is suitable, and you love it, and you’ll enjoy and keep it for a long time.” “We can upgrade, maybe you have used this one for a couple of years, and you want to keep the sofa and change the cover. We can change the colour of the cover for you at an additional price, of course.”

The thing about sofas is that the seats sunk in the middle after some time. “BertO’s sofas are not like that. They made this a lot less affected,” says Charina.

Aside from sofas, BertO also has a uniquely designed bed that reduces the pain of changing bedsheets. Instead of bending down and changing the sheets, you can lift the mattress and change the sheets.

“The products are not only good quality and good design but solving problems that most people have,” Charina added.

The ReCasa showroom isn’t just your typical furniture showroom. With a lineup of collaborations, ReCasa is also a space for events and activities curated to serve the same target audience.

“If everything goes smoothly, fingers crossed. We should have proper plans and opening in Indonesia by next year,” says Charina.

So, if you’re senior management, c-level, or someone that collects art pieces, you’d be able to appreciate ReCasa and the brands they represent. After all, these are products you use daily.