DFW Insiders - Andrea Chong

Starting out as a fashion model in 2009, Andrea decided to branch out and develop her own fashion identity. In 2012, she and a friend started a fashion and lifestyle blog, “1blog2lives” where both of them featured outfit posts that showcased their love for fashion. “1blog2lives” grew into a site that became too big for Andrea and her friend to manage; hence dreachong.com was born in 2013. Andrea has since gone on to blog and work with notable brands and appearing in publications.

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DFW Insiders - Olivia Lazuardy
DFW Insiders - Sonia Eryka

As known as Sonia Eryka, a happy-go-lucky kid living in Jakarta as a blogger, vocalist, occasionally do things behind the camera.

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DFW Insiders - Anastasia Siantar
DFW Insiders - Namcha

"Sensual purity and a modern aesthetic mixes with style" are the cores and concepts of our designing strategy. SHERANUT women are mysteriously sexy, enjoying urban lifestyle, going out, fun and classy. SHERANUT women are strikingly confident yet sensitive daring to be different and unique. Our brand seeks the best in design, finest fabric and cutting, unique materials, that reach the highest standards. Wearable at both day time or night time.

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DFW Insiders - Kelbin Lei
DFW Insiders - Laureen Uy

Meet Laureen, an inspiration to many for her dashing and daring fashion combinations, and her equally endearing personality. With close to 1.4 millions total followers on her social media accounts, she is breaking through fashion and cementing herself as a fashion icon in the Philippines. She is the sister of the Phillipine's top stylist Liz Uy and Preview's Creative Driector Vince Uy. Known as an expert in mixing and matching, she also acted in several local TV series and has her own TV show with her and her sister Liz as the hosts.

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DFW Insiders - Jenn Im

Jenn Im is the life and style superstar whose digital influence spans all social media, including her wildly popular YouTube Channel, “Clothes Encounters” which commands 1.7MM+ subscribers, and Instagram @ImJennIm, with 1.3MM followers.

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DFW Insiders - Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang is a 24 year old Korean-American YouTube beauty guru and fashion influencer who resides in Los Angeles, California. From her humble beginnings in small town Prince George, Virginia, Sophia always had a passion for makeup. She created her YouTube Channel in 2009 while still in high school. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue her dreams in the makeup industry.

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