DFW Insiders - Andrea Chong

Starting out as a fashion model in 2009, Andrea decided to branch out and develop her own fashion identity. In 2012, she and a friend started a fashion and lifestyle blog, “1blog2lives” where both of them featured outfit posts that showcased their love for fashion. “1blog2lives” grew into a site that became too big for Andrea and her friend to manage; hence dreachong.com was born in 2013. Andrea has since gone on to blog and work with notable brands and appearing in publications.

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DFW Insiders - Olivia Lazuardy
DFW Insiders - Sonia Eryka

As known as Sonia Eryka, a happy-go-lucky kid living in Jakarta as a blogger, vocalist, occasionally do things behind the camera.

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DFW Insiders - Anastasia Siantar