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TIRADOS: A Deep Dive into the ANINO Collection


Prepare to delve into a world where fashion intertwines with the ethereal. This is TIRADOS – a name that will surely be on every fashion enthusiast’s lips following its mesmerizing debut at Digital Fashion Week. Helmed by the visionary Josh Tirados, this Singapore-based label is boldly redefining the boundaries of fashion, challenging the status quo with an evocative collection that simultaneously pushes boundaries and respects tradition.

TIRADOS’s debut collection, ‘ANINO’, is an atmospheric exploration of shadows and reflections – a testament to the designer’s deep-seated respect for non-violent resistance and his fascination with the Tagalog term “anino”. A remarkable 15-look collection, ANINO is partially crafted from deadstock fabrics, creating characters that resonate with a nostalgia for a bucolic past while maintaining an undeniable contemporary edge.

The runway show was nothing short of a theatrical spectacle. Housed in the Figment co-living shophouse in Geylang, the stage was set for an immersive experience that drew the audience into the world of TIRADOS. The show was supported by fellow Singapore-based concept label, An Asylum, making it a collaborative triumph.

@princessadiary Peek behind the curtain with us, lovelies! 💖 Fasten your seatbelts for a fast-forwarded tour of the @Tirados ♬ original sound – Sabrina Wang

It’s not just the clothes that demand attention – the storytelling within each garment. The brand embodies Josh Tirados’s belief in the transformative power of non-violent resistance and his dedication to creating art that speaks to the individual. His fashion philosophy is best captured in his words: “Fashion enables me to claim my body and identity… the people I find stylish are often my friends or people on the streets.”

TIRADOS is not just a fashion label – it’s a story, a movement, a vision. Each piece invites you into a world where the whimsical meets the practical, where magical realms reflect our reality in the most unexpected ways. This brand dares to dream, to imagine a fashion future that is not constrained by convention but is propelled by creativity and individuality.

Be sure to immerse yourself in this remarkable collection at the showroom on the third floor from May 15th to May 21st. Here, you can try on the garments and step into the fantastical world of TIRADOS.

The world of TIRADOS is a world you will want to inhabit. So, join us in celebrating the birth of a brand that promises to bring a fresh perspective to fashion, one that is firmly rooted in community, hope, and non-violent resistance.