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Cartier Launches New Art de Vivre Home Accessories


Your home is your palace. No brand offers treasures as glamorous and timeless as Cartier. While we all know the brand for its LOVE bracelets, tank watches, and iconic red boxes, Cartier has branched out into the world of homeware and lifestyle. The iconic French fashion house launched their ‘Art de Vivre’ – Art of Living – home collection in 2020 that has us all wanting to elevate our living space.

Cartier’s homeware range has been updated to include three collections inspired by some of their most iconic jewelry lines – such as their Panthere de Cartier collection. The brand describes the collection as one that “bring beauty into your life”. We’re exploring these three collections within their ‘Art de Vivre Home’ range, so you can see how to add a touch of luxury to your home.

  1. Panthère de Cartier

The most sought-after collection within Cartier’s home range is their ‘Panthère de Cartier’ collection, inspired by the panther at the heart of their jewelry. The stand-out piece in this collection is the trinket trays that you can use to store everything, from jewelry to makeup or candy.

Cartier’s panther first appeared in 1914 and has been a mainstay in their collections ever since. The panther home décor range is available in three timeless colours – blue, red, and green. These pieces are made using Limoges porcelain that gives the illusion of white gold. This collection includes porcelain pots, trinket trays, and cashmere cushions.

Cartier has joined other luxury brands like Hermes and Tiffany & Co with their baby and toddler range. These quirky pieces are keepsakes that are designed for decoration, instead of being a functional product. Most of the items in this homeware collection are made using sterling silver, such as rabbit ear spoons and engraved rattles.

It’s an extravagant baby gift that doubles as nursery décor. If you’re searching for a modern heirloom, these Cartier baby accessories are guaranteed to stand the test of time. This collection also includes cashmere baby blankets and silver photo frames.

If you’re looking for lifestyle products that you can use every day, check out Cartier’s ‘Diabolo’ collection. These accessories include stylish lacquered cardholders and statement keyrings that will elevate your handbag.

This collection features the Cartier bellboy and a bird motif that also appears on candle holders and wooden keepsake boxes. The ‘Liberated Bird’ was designed after the occupation of Paris ended at the end of World War Two, a subtle nod to the brand’s heritage.

The ‘Diablo’ name is inspired by the popular French juggling game and reflects the on-the-go nature of these accessories. These are the Cartier pieces you can take with you wherever you go as a piece of everyday luxury.

Cartier’s existing ‘Art de Vivre’ homeware range includes classic collections like the ‘Entrelaces de Cartier’ for those who prefer a more minimalistic look to their home décor. You can explore Cartier’s homeware and lifestyle collection here.

Photo courtesy: Luxuo